We offers practical training to Private Individuals, Marketing Agencies, Corporate Clients and Government Agencies. We do not only train you, but ensuring that you know how to do it yourself.  Our principle is; little theory and more practical. Our ONE on ONE Practical Training gives you the flexibility and simplicity to acquire web Design knowledge. As an individual, Web Designing is an innovative skill that can generate fortune for you overtime, thereby making you self dependent. You don’t necessarily need to know programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL etc before you can be able to build a dynamic websites. Open Source Applications can do all of these for you.



We use Team viewer to connect systems together to train people live on how to design websites. This is recommendable for those whose location is outside Lagos State or cannot make it to our office for the training.



Our One on One training is done in the office



We also  offer Home services/training for those whose schedules are very tight.


Website Design-Web Training Package:

FREE Training Course Material and Cd

Training Duration:

3 days per week for Two Month


Want to learn how to design beautiful websites without knowing programming languages? Then you not need to go this far! We are known for what we do. Your money back guarantee if in the end of the Website Training Class You cannot design website yourself. Everything we do is purely practical, thus, showing you how you will do it. We have done it and we’ll still do it and we’ll continue to do it. Here in Nacuneo Concept Services we derived pride in your success.

Contacts Us:

Email Us: info@buyresources.com.ng

Whatsapp/Call: +2348137981072